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Why is Direct Sun Membership
our most popular way to tan?


  • You save more than 50% off monthly package prices.
  • Tan for as little as $26.95 per month.
  • Members Only pricing on all lotions, spray and tan extenders.
  • Members Only pricing on Mystic Tan sessions.


  • Affordable payments debited from your checking, savings or credit card
  • Hassle free cancellation if you need to cancel for any reason
  • Tan whenever you want at both Perfect Tan locations

Membership plans offer 50% monthly savings, convenient monthly tanning, and more.

You want it all, and you’re worth it all, but you don’t want to pay a fortune to get it.

A Direct Sun membership is for you!

Direct Sun offers several membership plans, all of which offer regular tanners the flexibility to tan on your terms.