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Orange is out

Customize your colour and tone with our wide range of spray tan options.

Orange is out, but your secret isn’t;
Streak-free, fully-customized spray tans.

You aren’t limited by the seasons, and the rain doesn’t get you down. Look fabulous all the time with that popping smile and beautiful bronze skin tone (nobody has to know it’s spray-on, that’s our little secret). Be the envy of any event: book your tan.

Shiver no more.

Perfect Tan uses Mystic HD Technology for its spray tan application. It’s comfortable and simple; the air and mist is warmed for application, so your experience is soothing and enjoyable.

Dermatologist Recommended.

The Mystic HD Technology is a tanning system proven to improve the look of your skin. It’s the perfect solution for achieving a deep, dark tan without the sun exposure.

Customize your tan.

You’ll know exactly what you’re tan will look like, because you chose what shade and colour you want. Customize your tan to your skin type, clothing style, and get the results you deserve.